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Department of Environmental Management

Departmental Mandate:

The Ministry Of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection is designated as the focal point for all Environment Management issues in the country. The Ministry performs such functions through the Environment Management Department.

The Department of Environmental Management shall be responsible for facilitating and coordinating the development and implementation of policies, programmes and projects on the environment in order to ensure sustainable management and conservation of the environment.

Departmental Structure

The department is comprised of two sections namely: environmental management and environmental research sections.

The department is headed by a Director who is supported by the following staff:-

  • Chief Environmental Management Officer
  • One Principal Environmental Management.
  • One principal environmental  research Officer;
  • One Senior Environmental Management Officer;
  • One senior  environmental research officer
  • Two Environmental Management Officers
  • Two environmental research officers
  • Four Support staff

Functions of the Department

The Department shall perform the following specific functions:

  1. Facilitate the development of policies and legislation on the environment in order to provide an appropriate framework for the effective management and implementation of programmes;
  2. Coordinate the development and implementation of national, bilateral and multilateral environmental programmes and projects in order to ensure systematic and harmonized approach to programme implementation;
  3. Conduct research and development on environment in order to facilitate informed decision making;
  4. Provide technical guidance and support to stakeholder institutions on matters relating to environmental management in order to enhance institutional capacity;
  5. Collaborate with Stakeholders in planning and implementation of environmental  programmes in order to ensure a harmonized approach to programme execution;
  6. Develop and implement advocacy and public awareness programmes in order to disseminate information and foster community participation in environmental management;
  7. Facilitate the domestication and implementation of  international conventions, treaties and agreements on environmental matters in order to conform to international best practices and promote Zambia’s interests;
  8. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of programmes and projects in order to recommend appropriate interventions and ensure attainment of set goals;
  9. Document Zambia’s current natural capital assets in order to facilitate effective decision making;
  10. Develop and enforce laws and regulations on environmental protection and pollution control in order to ensure compliance to set standards.

Education and  Public Awareness

The Department promotes education and public awareness through various activities such as:

  • Commemoration of international environment days such as:
  • The World Environment Day (5th June),
  • The World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought (17th June),
  • The International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone layer (16th September)
  • Community awareness workshops
  • Participation in environmental related media programmes
  • Publication of environmental press statements