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The Department of  Water Resources Development (DWRD)

The Department is responsible for the development and implementation of policies, programs, and projects on water resources in order to ensure its sustainable utilization.

The mandate of Department of Water Resources Development is to provide policy guidance on national water resources related issues and develop both surface and groundwater resources of inland and transboundary water bodies in order to ensure adequate water resources availability and equitable access by all users for sustainable national socioeconomic development.  These functions are undertaken through three sections namely; Surface Water, Groundwater and International Water.  Each of these sections is headed by an Assistant Director.

Functions of DWRD

  • Develop hydraulic infrastructures such as dams, weirs, levees, and canals for harnessing water resources to support all sectors;
  • Carry out exploratory drilling to facilitate the development of Well fields and production boreholes for strategic interventions;
  • Carry out research in water resources development;
  • Facilitate cooperation over shared water resources (Develop strategies for development of international water resources)
  • Oversee implementations of programs emanating from regional and international agreements on shared water resources.