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Minister of Water Development and Sanitation Mike Mposha, says lack of decent sanitation facilities has continued to contribute to the contamination of groundwater which is a source of drinking water for most households.

The Minister said if not handled well, the scourge can have serious health effects on human health.

The Minister was speaking at the launch of the campaign dubbed, “sanitize a household serve a life campaign”, organised by the Alliance for World Change, a non-profit making organisation raising awareness among the residents of kalingalinga on the importance of treating drinking water.

Mr.Mposha said the campaign was being launched at an opportune time when the need to promote water, sanitation and good hygiene practices has become critical due to the ongoing fight against the covid 19 pandemic.

He said groundwater pollution can lead to water-borne diseases adding that the direct cause of most groundwater pollution in Lusaka is as a result of poor sanitation because the majority of the residents of the city use pit latrines or septic tanks due to limited coverage of the sewer network.

The Minister was also quick to mention that, poor solid waste management also contributed to groundwater pollution and that the indiscriminate disposal of solid waste polluted the surface water, which in turn pollutes ground water sources.

Mr.Mposha who also took time to distribute chlorine to various households and mothers in Munali constituency, said President Hakainde Hichilema has demonstrated commitment to the attainment of universal access to water and sanitation by creating the ministry of water development and sanitation which is dedicated to oversee water and sanitation services in furtherance of promoting the water security agenda in Zambia.

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